The Community Gospel Chapel originated with evangelistic meetings being held in the old Rex Theatre by Rev. Art Sheppard who continued as it’s first pastor. The year was 1961. Joyce Low and Linda Nagel succeeded Rev. Sheppard as co-pastors of the church later that same year. The following year property was purchased on Drake Road and the original building on the property converted to a sanctuary. This building was later renovated to become a fellowship hall when a new sanctuary was erected in 1968. These buildings continued as the centre of the church’s activities up until November 1996.

A number of pastors served the church during those early years, including Frank and Pat Miller, Hazel Grace McLean, Margaret Baker and June Ward, Ron Vieselmeyer, M. L. and Eva Gilpin, Dave and Dorothy Low, Don and Lynne Moe, and Sieghard and Shirley Hildebrandt. Chris and Marlene Cormack joined us in 1989.

During 1996 the congregation outgrew the church building and on November 10 started holding services in the local high school. On June 18, 1997 a fire destroyed the church building on Drake Road. In the fall of 1997 a new piece of property was purchased on Vesuvius Bay Road, next to Portlock Park, and construction of a new church building began on April 12, 1999.
In August 13, 2000 the congregation moved into the partially (70%) completed 12,000 square foot building. Chris and Marlene Cormack resigned in June 2012. During the interim period, the Church was so blessed to have the guidance and direction of Pastor George and Elaine Puritch. August 2014 Pastor Gerry and Pastor Scott Gardner arrived from Florida to take on the position of Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor.

The church includes a 3000 square foot multi purpose room which serves as a 260 seat sanctuary and smaller rooms for an office, library, church school classes, youth group facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen for banquets and community rental opportunities.