“Share The Love Of Christ”                                                                                             Jesus calls us to love one another, feed the hungry, help the poor, make disciples and to reach the ends of the earth for His glory. We believe that God has called each of us as Christians to be missionaries here on Salt Spring Island, reaching our colleagues, friends, family, and neighbours with the good news of Jesus. God also calls us to the “ends of the earth,” there are many unreached nations around the world that need to hear about Jesus. Community Gospel Chapel is committed to financially supporting individuals and organizations that are involved in partnering with countries and people in different parts of the world to bring love and hope.

Missions We Support in Prayer & Finances:

      Bill & Linda Brierly                                                                                                          Missionaries in Guatemala                                                http://www.hopeofthepokomchi.org

  Bryan & Tiffany Hunsberger                                       YWAM  Australia    brytiff@gmail.com

   Aaron & Robin Little                                                        YWAM  Perth, Australia / Homes of Hope      litrobin@gmail.com    http://littlesinaussie.blogspot.com.au

   Dustin & Susanna Little                                  YWAM Perth, Australia       dustinlittle1@gmail.com

 Christian Savage                                                                      YWAM Kilauea, HI      christian-the-savage@hotmail.com http://christianthesavage.blogspot.ca

Carmen Rempel                                                                                Youth For Christ    carmenyfc@gmail.com    http://www.carmenyfc.blogspot.com

Church Family in Missions We support in Prayer:

Carly Hunsberger                                                                        YWAM Australia  carlyhun_121@hotmail.com                                                      Kristin & Dan Luva                                                                                   Australia       Hope Africa                                                                                                   Molly O’Donnell                                                                                                   YWAM Perth, Australia