“We at Community Gospel Chapel are everyday people who are growing in the Word of God and are committed to being led by His Spirit to reach others with Christ’s unconditional healing love.”

Healing Family, Healing Culture


Our church is moving forward into its next season, embracing our mission: “Every person in ministry”. To this end, we seek to empower the members of our congregation to use their Godgiven gifts to advance the CGC’s vision by bringing Christ’s healing love and wholeness to individuals and families on Salt Spring Island.


We believe that our heavenly Father is a good Father, and that Jesus came to reveal the Father to a fatherless world.


We Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, co-equal and co-eternal. Who came to reveal the fathers nature, and the only way to the father. He Came. He Died for our Sins. He rose again. He invited us into his nature as co-heirs.

Holy Spirit

We Believe that after Jesus went up to heaven, he sent the Holy Spirit. We believe that the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit are for today!


the code that makes us who we are.

We believe, that part of walking in intimacy is letting the Holy Spirit make us whole. A NEW CREATION!
We exist for the healing of the nations (including our local area)
We believe for Physical, Emotional, and Relational Healing for every person in every situation.
We are a family, therefore we commit to treating you as family, whether it is
your first time or you have been here for years.
Family means we talk about issues, encourage each other, and help out
where needed.
We believe that God loves the world.
We choose to love people. Period.
We desire to influence the culture that we live in with the Good News of the Kingdom.
God created, and then invited us to create.
We believe that creativity is a natural expression of the nature of God.
Therefore we invite creativity into every area, allowing the church to be a
safe place for people to try and to fail.
We believe that followers of Jesus are expected to take risks.

We believe that the most important part of life is to have intimacy with God.
Intimacy is at the core of everything we do and teach.
We long to see the world reconciled to the Father.
If we are walking in intimacy, we are drawn into worship.
This is done with intentionality in our weekly services, from the pulpit and in
our song choices.
We believe that we are a new creation in Christ.
That he has invited us into what he has already paid for.
You are no longer a sinner saved by Grace but a saint, a son/daughter of the King.
IF we are walking in intimacy, we want to live in whole and healthy
So we believe that regular weekly community is a part of “church”
We believe that church is not a location but a people. WE ARE THE CHURCH. This means that we are in regular, accountable, and inspiring relationships.

Statement of Faith

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Our Leaders

Dan O'Donnell

Elder: Dan O’Donnell

Pastor Micah & Liel

Pastor Micah & Liel

Duane Little

Elder: Duane Little

Barb Robinson

Deaconess: Barb Robinson

Brian Little

Deacon: Brian Little

Jim Pohl

Deacon: Jim Pohl

Brian Little

Deaconess: Karen Hunsburger