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shared by Jim McClean
Quite a few years ago I had a vision that I’ve never shared or talked about. I stood up after about 1 1/2 hours of prayer and had this vision as clear as anything.

I was up in the air about 25 ft, up over and looking down on a table. About a 6-foot wide table. I was over the right-hand end of it, I didn’t look to my left to see to the other end of it but I know it was very long. I was aware of an angel beside me to provide answers to any questions I might have.

Soldiers and warriors were seated on both sides and around the end of the table. They, by their dress were from all the different wars and conflicts that there have been through all the ages. Some with uniforms, some in leather garb, pieces of armour on some. Shields and helmets hung on the backs of some of their chairs. Swords, spears, bows, rifles and other weapons were laid out on the floor behind them.

There was a huge feast underway. The table was loaded with foods and delicacies from all through history. I remember seeing those three-tiered servers every so often along. Attendants were rushing around and in and out bringing food, making sure everything was kept filled.

Each soldier/warrior had a large wine goblet in front of him. I could hear a continuous din of conversation.

Then one stood up and held his goblet up as if proposing a toast. He said a couple of things and raised up his glass. I couldn’t tell what he said. There was a loud, near-deafening cheer and everybody raised their glasses and drank. After a few minutes, another one stood up. This one stood on his chair and with one foot on the table, he similarly made a toast. Again, a loud, near-deafening cheer and everybody drank.

But, as I observed more closely, I could see that some of the chairs were empty. There would be a couple of people sitting and an empty seat, then maybe three or four sitting and a couple of empty spaces.

I was very curious about this and I asked the angel who was beside me “Why are these seats empty?”

The answer came “These chairs are for you and me, ‘Reserved’ and sealed by the blood of the Lamb’.